First Octoberfest Finds Fleetwood

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Fleetwood was the hot spot on Saturday, October 16th, 2010.


If don’t know, then you missed the fun at the first Octoberfest at the new Simmeria Café and Bistro on Main Street, which has now been opened for three months. This was the first Octoberfest in the history of Fleetwood.

Octoberfest had a fair outside that lasted until 3:00 pm. Many clubs and a few businesses were there participating in the event. The event was set to raise money for many organizations, including the local women’s shelter. Food and drinks were served at the Octoberfest, but the vendors were mainly serving German cuisine both for lunch and dinner.

Said Simmeria’s public relations advisor, “Octoberfest was to get the name Simmeria out into the community, and ultimately, [manager] Chuck O’Keefe probably wanted to bring the community together. It‘s also to celebrate the fall season and just have a fabulous time.”

“I am so happy to be here,” said Laura Hughes. Hughes had a table and was selling her daughter Laura Fay’s book. Miss Fay is a local author. Miss Fay’s father was selling bamboo pizza paddles.

The cub scouts and boy scouts were there to recruit more people to join.

Said Elmer Miller, “We are looking for more boys to join up, but we still encourage them to have fun today.”

Julie Brown from “Stampin’ Up!” held a class that taught kids how to a make elements of greeting cards and scrapbooks.

“This is neat. I have never done this before,” said Brown.

The YMCA was there and brought a huge blow-up slide.

Tri Valley YMCA Executive Branch Director Brett Mayer stated, “The YMCA wants to promote kids and get the community excited about the Y.”

This is one of many public relations events that Mayer is undertaking to prepare for the new Y that is being erected alongside of Willow Creek Elementary School.

Mrs. Carol Kutz and Mrs. Elaine Hoch from the local Women’s Club were in attendance to encourage woman of all ages to join.

“Our club is open to all woman of any age. We are not the Woman’s Club but a ‘Women’s Club,’” said Kutz and Hoch.

Groff’s Granite was there to promote the products and services that they offer. They gave the community candy and offered face painting for the children. The owner’s wife was there with her three sons, all of whom were having an enjoyable afternoon.

Deric S. Hettinger was an artist who painted live for 4 hours and who was the original artist of the mural on the side of the café. His work has been prominent in the area for seventeen years.

Local judge Gail Greth represented the Rotary Club and the YMCA. She had so much fun that she decided to slide down the blow-up slide.

“The Rotary Club is a club that promotes ‘Service Above Self.’ That is the Rotary Club’s motto,” said Greth.

Jan’s Pastríes is located inside the Village Butcher in Fleetwood. This event was an opportunity to advertise the business’s name in the community. Jan’s Pastries supplies a majority of the desserts offered at Simmeria’s restaurant.

Simmeria was founded by Fleetwood resident Chuck O’Keefe. O’Keefe believes this event is one way to help bring the community together.

“Fleetwood had a lot of potential, but no one seems to know about it. It almost appears as if Fleetwood is this giant secret that everyone is trying to keep. I don’t want Fleetwood to be underestimated by others,” stated O’Keefe.

Even though Simmeria sells alcoholic beverages, it is still kid and teen friendly. Dog owners can bring their dog along whenever dining at Simmeria.

Piper O’Keefe, niece of Chuck O’Keefe and current sophomore at Fleetwood Area High School, said it best: “This Oktoberfest was amazing! I love to eat the German food!”

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