“Guat-Money Productions” Represents Fleetwood at 4500 Competition

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A few months ago, Fleetwood’s TV Media class entered into the sixth annual 4500 Digital Video Competition. The students from Fleetwood who took part in the competition were Devin Wenzel, Andy Moran, Dan Milloy, Ryan Milloy, Colton Greiss, and Matt McCammit. These six students came together to form the production company known as “Guat-Money Productions”.

The groups had 4500 minutes to write, film, and edit a five-minute film. The groups were only given their genres, props, and character names the day before filming was to start to ensure that no one could begin filming earlier than the contest permitted. Also, if any group was late handing in its film, it was disqualified from the contest entirely.

All the films were judged and nominated for the April 16th award show that was held at the Reading IMAX Theater. Sadly, “Guat-Money Productions” was not nominated for any of the award categories this year. However, they were ranked within the top 25 out of the 60 films entered into the whole contest.

“Guat-Money Productions” created a drama film for this contest. The film featured Ryan Milloy as a homeless man living out of his car after he lost all of his money while gambling. He had to sell his car and home to get money to enter a high-stakes poker game to which he was mysteriously invited. The award for winning the poker game is a small fortune and hopefully enough to gain back the affection and respect of Milloy’s ex-wife.

Even though the boys did not win any awards, they still enjoyed the experience overall.

“My favorite part was putting the whole film together in editing. It was cool seeing our hard work put together into a film,” said Devin Wenzel.

“I liked skipping two days of school to film the video. Also, I got to hang out with my bros. It was just bros icing bros,” said Andy Moran.

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