FAHS Welcomes Four-Legged Friend

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Look but don’t touch—that is the biggest tidbit of advice freshman Kayln Hess can stress about any seeing-eye dog, including hers. Mila, a 10-month old golden lab, is currently in training at Fleetwood Area High School. Although she started training at 6 months, she was not allowed to be in the school environment until she turned 10-months-old.

Although many people may think training a seeing-eye dog is harder than training a normal dog, Hess stated, “It’s as hard to train her as any normal dog.  She has to been trained in stricter ways.  For example, she is not allowed to have any table food.  The hardest part is giving them away after their training is over.”

Hess thinks that Mila is doing an amazing job. Many people can strongly agree with Hess about Mila’s behavior.

Sophomore Kim Santiago said, “I think that the dog is very well-behaved and that Kayln is doing a great job training her because she doesn’t jump up on anyone.”

Hess says, if you want to get involved in training a dog of your own, “You must be responsible, and, if you are, then you should do it because it’s rewarding and fun, but it is serious. When her vest is on, she knows it’s work time, but I have a chew toy that is limited in noise,” says Hess proudly.

Mila graduated her training with Hess on April 26th, and Hess says solemnly, “I will see her one more time during Walk”—where the dogs show off their skills to others.  “Other than that, I will lose contact with her.”

With a smile, Hess concludes, “She’s a people dog. I think she’ll be good because she loves to work.”

Hess will want to train other dogs like Mila in the future. But please remember: if you see a vest on a dog, do not touch it—it is focused on doing its job.

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