2011 FAHS Prom Goes East

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The end of the year is approaching faster than students have expected. As teenagers wait for more information on the event, they are able to begin shopping for all the necessities required by the annual junior/senior prom. The theme for this year’s prom is Asian Escape. At $40.00, the tickets, thought to be expensive, are actually only $5.00 more than a ticket for last year’s celebration.

The Inn at Reading will be decorated in the colors red, black, and gold. The school, even in the midst of the state’s ongoing budget crises, is doing everything it can to make this year’s prom better than its predecessors, with more decorations than ever. Some of the centerpieces have types of flowers that are grown only in Asia. The prom committee even plans on having slide shows of many famous locations in Asia to make the evening more peaceful.

Prom committee meetings have occurred every Thursday and Friday, and the frequent topic of conversation was how to make this year’s prom more fun than the last as well as something to remember. Discussions traveled from food to decorations, and students are trying their best to make this prom unbelievable.

The food that the committee has planned for May 21st is a choice of chicken or ravioli. There are many deserts that will be available as well. Food will be ordered in advance and ready for the night. 

Many students have already signed up for the prom. The Inn at Reading is also able to provide enough space for an even bigger dance floor than last year’s prom.

With prom committee meetings dwindling to one session a week, the students are starting to get more organized with what they want to prepare for the prom. Soon they will earn their well-deserved credit when they receive the compliments of their peers at the 2011 FAHS prom.

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