When it All Comes Crumbling Down

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On 1 October 2013, the government of the United States of America had its first partial shutdown due to a non-scandalized political disagreement. But how has this affected the people of the United States financially?

When the government did shutdown, over 800,000 governmental workers had to cease working until the shutdown was lifted, or until they receive the notice that they had been laid off due to the new budget cuts. This is more people than the combined workforces of the McDonald fast food industry and the Target corporation combined!

If those 800,000 workers were, just as an example, to be paid minimum wage for an 8 hour day, that equals $46,400,000 per day that is not paid to these workers.

The average congressman makes about $174,000 annually. If this number is broken down, it equals $476.71 per day. The average senator makes about $168,000 per year, comprising about $460.27 per day.  Meanwhile, the average American makes about $50,000 per year, equally $136.98 per day.

But how is the rest of the United States affected by just others losing their jobs?

The stock market dropped almost 6 points in the popular stocks, according to the New York Stock Exchange. Also, the travel industry lost close to $7,000,000 due to the multiple monument closures, as well as national park closures.

Some of the parks were able to remain open because they could support themselves financially until the government reopened, or until they officially ran out of their funds.

Many Americans were aware of such changes, and the shutdown also decreased the amount of tourism coming into the country, according to both South West Airlines as well as North West Airlines.

The families of military members who died in Iraq and Afghanistan were not able to afford to bury their children, all of whom were willing to risk their lives for the country that would not reimburse them.

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