High-Paid Athletes Break the Bank

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As many may know, professional sports are an extremely high-paying industry in the world right now. Many may not know the exact figures earned by the best athletes in the world. The numbers on this list are, quite honestly, unbelievable.

Ranking at number ten in the charts is American Quarterback all-star, Peyton Manning. Known by many as the best quarterback in football at the moment, the man is also pulling in a large amount of money. With a total earning of $42.4 million, the thirty-eight year-old definitely has plenty of cash to retire in the near future.

Coming in at number nine is world superstar soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. Considered the best player in the world right now, he is also the richest soccer player in the world who is still playing, earning a total of about $42.5 million. The Portuguese winger is full of confidence right now and is scoring goals with flying colors. He is also a superstar off the pitch; Cristiano makes $22 million just in endorsement deals.

“Cristiano is playing extremely well at the moment, and he obviously makes a lot of money too,” sophomore Greg Kambakis said.

After Ronaldo is former soccer player and global household name David Beckham. Becks earns an incredible $37 million in just endorsement deals, and a total of $46 million. He is also one of the most well-known names in all of soccer history.

Number seven is golfer Phil Mickelson who was inducted into the golf hall of fame in May. The golf legend earns around $47.8 million. Most of that money coming from, again, endorsements–about $43 million of it! Mickelson has achieved many feats in his illustrious career and is considered an all-time great.

Kobe Bryant is number six: five-time NBA champion, one of the best scorers of all time, definitely one of the best ever. He takes in $52.3 million total, and he deserves it. Although he is not quite the best anymore, he is still one of the basketball greats.

Known as the best tennis player ever, Roger Federer is still going strong in his sport and his savings account. Raking in $52.7 million, he’s living large. He receives a large amount from endorsements, between long-term deals with Nike, Rolex, Wilson, and Credit Suisse. Roger also earned about $71 million in career prize money.

The best basketball player in the game right now, LeBron James, comes in right after Roger Federer. King James, who is already compared to all-time basketball great Michael Jordan, earns $53 million a year, making him the highest paid player in the NBA. It is a deserving number considering he led the Heat to two NBA Championships in a row.

“He’s the best player in the NBA; it’s as simple as that,” junior Matt Masenheimer said.

At number three is another golfer, Tiger Woods. Woods has not really been himself lately, but before he lost it for a bit, he was the best golfer in the world, and maybe ever. Woods is a rich man after winning over $100 million total prize money in his career and about $59.4 million yearly. Even though his game hasn’t been “up to par” lately, he still brings in a fat amount of cash.

The top two highest paid athletes are both boxers. Can you guess them? If you said Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, then you are correct. They are the two best fighters in the world and also the highest paid athletes in the world. Pacquiao earns $62 million yearly and Mayweather earns $85 million.

Floyd has earned his nickname of “Money” Mayweather, as he is indeed the highest paid athlete in the world. It is surprising, though, that boxers make the top two highest paid athletes in the world, as boxing is not the most popular sport at the moment.

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