Reporter Bio: Elyse Essick

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 Elyse Bryanne Essick was born on 30 June 2001. Growing up, she described herself as a “Scared Child,” though her biggest fear was the dark. However, her biggest fear now that she’s older is death; thinking too deeply about death freaks her out. The person she looks up to most in her family is her dad, describing him as “always there” and “supportive.” She has a very good relationship with her dad, describing him as a best friend. Her most embarrassing moment as a child was scoring the winning goal for the other team when playing soccer. She considers her most rebellious moment sneaking out of her house at midnight, when she was caught because she left the deck light on. The farthest she’s ever been from home is Fort Myers, Florida. If she could live in any time period, it would be the 80s because everyone seemed to be nicer and the style was much cooler. Essick tries to be very upfront with people and doesn’t want to lie to people. The biggest lesson she’s learned in life is to never give up or lose hope; without it, all is lost. She likes to think she’ll be remembered for having a fun time and trying to make the most fun of things. Her favorite genre of music is rap, most specifically the rapper Drake. Essick’s ideal job in the future would be a cosmetologist, but, due to the difficulty of the field, she is unsure if she wishes to pursue it. Her favorite subject in school is English, as she thoroughly enjoys reading and writing. She joined The Tiger Times because she loves writing, speaking, and interviewing. Besides The Tiger Times, she is not involved in any clubs or after-school activities.

By Jack Pickar

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