Reporter Bio: Elyse Essick

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Elyse Bryanne Essick was born at the Reading Hospital in Reading, Pennsylvania, on 30 June 2001. Raised in the Fleetwood/Blandon Area, she has attended Fleetwood schools all her life. Essick began her academic schooling career at Richmond Elementary and later the Fleetwood Area Middle School and High School. Growing up in a Christian household, she considers herself very religious. Essick fears carnival rides, which could lead to her biggest fear, death. After high school, Elyse aspires to attend Alvernia University to study the field of criminal justice, and she dreams of attending Coachella at least once in her life. Elyse is a Republican and describes herself as a Trump supporter but doesn’t agree with everything he says. Her biggest influence in life is her dad, Bryan. In her free time, Elyse loves to drive on back roads with the window down and the music turned up. She enjoys listening to rap music and doing things to make others happy. Essick also works as a barista at Dunkin’ Donuts. Elyse loves going to school and studying as well as doing homework. She has been in Journalism once before, this being her second time, and loves writing articles, interviewing students, and, most of all, hearing the opinions of others. Elyse describes her life as “crazy,” and thinks she could have her own television show with all of the unexpected and strange things that happen to her. She lives with her dad, her dad’s girlfriend, and her brother Tristan, as well as her two dogs Dougan and Bella.

By Aydan Tregear

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