Oath & Ethical Code

The Tiger Times Oath

To be recited with the reporter’s right hand on the AP Style Guide and left hand raised.

I, [Insert Name Here], Staff Member of The Tiger Times, do solemnly pledge,

To report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, to the best of my knowledge,

To value the interests of the Fleetwood student body above all others,

To verify all information such that there is no reasonable chance of inaccuracy,

To preserve independence from the interests of my subjects,

To monitor the uses and abuses of power by those in public positions,

To create a public forum for the criticism and compromise of differing viewpoints,

To present all information completely and in proportion to its apparent relevance,

To exercise my conscience uninhibitedly when concerns over ethics arise,

To eliminate and prevent all forms of speech unprotected by the First Amendment,

And, to place the good of The Tiger Times above all personal desires that may interfere with the edicts of this Oath.


Ethical Code

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: We are currently trying to find ourselves some ethics.

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