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Donaldson’s Quote Lands Him in Hot Water

August 6, 2022 by


During the Yankee-White Sox game, Josh Donaldson made a racially charged comment alluding to Jackie Robinson when speaking to player Tim Anderson.  During the first inning of the game, Donaldson said to Anderson, “What’s up, Jackie?”  The White Sox manager Tony La Russa heard the comment and told the media that it was a racial […]

Tennessee Volunteers Defy Expectations and Make History

June 2, 2022 by


The Tennessee Volunteers just locked in their second SEC East title in school history.  At the start of the year, Tennessee was predicted to be the 19th team in the nation, with Texas being predicted as number one in the nation.  But now,Tennessee is the number one team in the country for D1 baseball with […]

76ers Enter Playoffs

June 1, 2022 by


The 76ers are in the 2022 playoffs! The team grabbed the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference, clinching the playoffs.  The team has to play the Toronto Raptors, who, just like the 76ers, secured a playoff spot and are 5th in the conference.  The first game of the series was held in Philadelphia, the 76ers’ […]

MLB Lockout Ends with New Rules

May 5, 2022 by


The MLB and the MLBPA recently had a disagreement that lasted for ninety-nine days with no information revealed about the forthcoming MLB season.  Now the two sides have finally come to an agreement, bringing with it new rules for the MLB and MLBPA. One of the new rules is called the Ohtoni rule. This new […]

Texas Longhorns Are Out for Revenge

April 4, 2022 by


The Texas baseball team is ranked number one in the country as of March 17, 2022. Their record is 14-5, only losing one series, and they have a .737 win percentage.  The Texas Longhorns have a home record of 6-1, an away record of 6-3, and a natural record of 2-1. They haven’t played anyone […]

April Fools: FAHS Finals to Be Worth 50% of Yearlong Grade

April 1, 2022 by


A policy is being adopted this school year in which final exams are now worth 50% of the students’ final grades for the year. The decision was reached after 70% of teachers approved the change.  With this new system, each quarter is now only worth 12.5% of a student’s final grade.  “I think that finals […]

The U.S. Wins Gold and Makes History

March 22, 2022 by


The United States has won a total of twenty-five medals in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. America sent 224 people to fifteen different events.  The United States earned eight gold medals in eight different events, making them fifth in the medal count.  The most recent gold medalist was Alexander Hall for men’s slopestyle. This was […]

Petition to Move Super Sunday to Saturday Gains Momentum

February 22, 2022 by


Many Americans want to move the Super Bowl to a Saturday instead of a Sunday! These individuals think of the Super Bowl as a national holiday because it happens once a year and millions of people are watching and trying to buy tickets to the game. Unfortunately, many don’t like how the game is played […]

Lions Finally Win One

January 8, 2022 by


Would the Detroit Lions win a single game this season? Fans asked this question the whole season, especially when the Lions would be up by a few points in a game and then ending up losing it.  With a record of 0-11-1, the Lions looked like they were on their way to a winless season […]

Rodgers’ Absence Felt by Packers in Week 9

December 17, 2021 by


Arron Rodgers was out for week 9 of the NFL season, so the Packers had to look at Jordan Love, the backup twenty-three-year-old from Utha state. Love was second all-time for passing yards and passing attempts made. This was his first-ever career start in the NFL, and it was against the back-to-back AFC champions, the […]

Will Star Players’ Injuries Affect Fantasy Football?

October 31, 2021 by


Christan McCaffery and Dalvin Cook were the top players chosen in each league, and McCaffery is out due to a hamstring injury. McCaffrey’s stats for the 2019 season were twenty-three carries with two touchdowns. Now he has a hamstring injury and will be out for four weeks. “The injury could sideline McCaffrey up to four […]

Baseball Playoffs Populated by Teams of World Series Past

October 28, 2021 by


The MLB playoffs are down to the final four teams, including the Houston Astros, LA Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, and Atlanta Braves, with the Astros and the Red Sox in the ALCS and The Dodgers and the Braves in the NLCS. As the series continues, the Astros are one win away (3-2 series) from going […]

Reporter Bio: Nathan Seidel

September 27, 2021 by


Nathan was born in Fleetwood, PA, in 2006. He considers himself a happy and persistent person. When he gets his free time, he likes to play baseball, enjoy video games, and hang out with his friends. Something he doesn’t want to happen is getting older. In school, he likes social studies because he says it […]