Scoops & Submissions

Scoops & Suggestions

If you are a student, parent, employee, or community member in the Fleetwood Area School District, and you have any scoops that might inspire a news story or suggestions that could inspire improvement in our new organization, please comment in the box below or e-mail


The Tiger Times advertises itself as a public forum for student expression.  What does this mean to you?  It means that, if you are a student of The Fleetwood Area School District, then the student editors of our website and print edition will consider your articles for publication.

Even if you have not yet reached the high school or are not enrolled in the Journalism course at the high school, you are welcome to submit articles to the newspaper whenever and as often as you would like.  While the publication cannot promise that any and all submissions will be published, The Tiger Times does assure freelance reporters that all submissions will be seriously considered by the editorial staff.

All you must do to submit your article to The Tiger Times is copy the content into the Incher & Checklist document (Note: newspaper articles are not measured in pages or words but in inches; ergo, your article should be superimposed over the ruler in the columns of this document).  The second page of this document is a checklist of writing characteristics associated with good journalistic writing.  While not all of these items will apply to every genre of writing, freelance reporters should carefully consider whether the genres they select allow them to disregard specific items on the checklist.  Please check off all boxes that correspond to the content of your article, and then hand it to Mr. Houp in Room #111, e-mail it to Mr. Houp at, or deposit it in Mr. Houp’s mailbox at the main office.

If you have questions or comments about this procedure, or if you merely want to confirm the subject of an article about which you would like to write, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Houp in room #111 or at the above e-mail address.

The Tiger Times is your newspaper, and it relies on you to say what you want to say, to report what you need to report, and to read what must be read.  There is no better way to participate in your school community than by sharing what you deem important with your peers.

The Tiger Times publishes articles and features in each of the following genres:

News Genres

  • School News
  • Sports News
  • Entertainment/Arts News
  • Religion News
  • Science and Technology News
  • Obituaries
  • Weather Report
  • Environmental News
  • Cops and Courts News
  • Military News
  • Community News
  • Health and Medicine News
  • Financial News
  • Transportation News
  • Fashion News
  • Recreation News
  • Academic News
  • Political News

Feature Genres

  • Topical Cartoon
  • Opinion/Editorial
  • Profile
  • In-Depth Research
  • How-to Article
  • Book/Music/Movie Review
  • Travelogue
  • Humor Article
  • Photo Montage
  • Advice Column
  • Backgrounder
  • Holiday
  • Human Interest
  • Trend Stories
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