Budget Cuts May Cripple Art Classes

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The budget cuts that have been put into place by Governor Tom Corbett are affecting Pennsylvania schools in countless different ways. All school districts are experiencing problems due to these cuts. The art department at Fleetwood is being bombarded with these cuts. Students and faculty all over the state are outraged about these cuts being thrown at the art departments.

“I feel the art classes are completely necessary to a well-rounded education.  Without art classes in my schedule, I feel the school day is incomplete,” comments Acacia Gerhard, an eleventh grader at Fleetwood.

The U.S. Department of Education recommends art classes to students who want to attend college. Many colleges view participation in the arts as a valuable experience that broadens students’ intellectual repertoires. The arts are one of the six subject areas the College Board recognizes as a requirement to be able to thrive in college.

According to the American Arts Alliance Fact Sheet, the arts produce jobs generating an estimated thirty-seven billion dollars with a tax return of three billion dollars.

“Art is very important to a complete education.  Without art, the school day would be so boring and meaningless,” suggests  seniorAlycha Boehm.

Studies show that children who are involved in the music and art departments score higher on their SATs than those who are not . According to the National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988, music and art students received more academic awards than non-music and art students.

Fleetwood senior Karley Eberhart commented, “Art not only consists of drawing and painting but expressing yourself, and, if people can’t do that, they lose who they are.”

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