Reporter Bio: Jess Gieringer

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Jess Gieringer, born April 17, 1994, joined the ranks of The Tiger Times this year because she saw it as the best fit for her amidst an assortment of year-long courses. At Fleetwood, Jess is a member of the National Honor Society, and most of her time outside of school is spent doing art or being with her boyfriend. As an aspiring world traveler, Jess doesn’t want to settle down anywhere until she has seen and experienced everything within her reach. After school, she plans to travel around the United States and possibly attend an art school. Jess has been influenced by art in a very profound way throughout her high school career, and the most influential person in her life has been her mom. Nineties’ rock and grunge are at the top of Jess’s music genres, with Pearl Jam taking the top spot as her favorite band. Jess looks forward to contributing to the newspaper this year as well as gaining experience in the field of journalism.

by Kelly Stumpf

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