The Truth About “Yerp”

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In recent years, students and faculty have grown to expect this word numerous times throughout a typical school day at Fleetwood Area High School.

Unfortunately, this term is also causing some confusion amongst some. Many students and faculty members do not understand what “Yerp” means or how to even use the word.

“Yerp means absolutely nothing, hence why it is my most hated modern Fleetwood term,” said FAHS senior Dan Milloy.

This misunderstanding of the word “yerp” is more common than everyone thinks. The word can be used a variety of different ways.

For example, yelling “yerp” at someone can mean a simple hello, but it can also be used to answer a question such as, “Hey, guys, do you think Mr. Houp is awesome?”   A simple “yerp” can replace a boring answer, such as “yes.”

“Yerp” also can be used as a goodbye. “Yerp”-ing back and forth can also make  dialogue so much juicier.

“It means ‘yo’ or ‘what’s up,’” said FAHS senior Austin Neider.

“It is a simple way to say ‘what up.’” said long-term history substitute Adam Trite.

Many students at Fleetwood have been using “yerp” for more than a year now.

The class of 2011 has taken credit for the creation and mass usage of the word around school. The recent graduates created the word sometime in the fall of their senior year.

FAHS graduate Leonardo Rosario was the biggest contributor to the word and was a big reason the word became so popular. Many students around during his senior year can recall him walking around the halls screaming a “yerp” at his friends.

After the creation of the word, many people have learned to love and use it in everyday conversations. The senior class now wants the whole school to understand and properly use this great word. The word “yerp” has been, and always will be, a fun way to spice up anyone’s everyday speech or conversations.

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