Barnett’s Elementary Transfer Stimulates Student Comparisons

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Barnett was a physical education, health, and drivers' education teacher at the high school.

The class of 2015 would not know it, but Fleetwood Area High School lost an irreplaceable member of its teaching staff last year.

Amy Barnett, who taught both drivers’ education and girls’ physical education, was transferred to Willow Creek Elementary School at the end of the 2010-2011 school year.

Governor Corbett’s budget cuts got the best of Fleetwood Area School District.  Barnett replaced a  predecessor at the elementary school  who retired at the end of last year.  Because of a pay freeze stipulation with the teachers’ union, employees would not be furloughed for the 2011-2012 school year.  Barnett, therefore, was moved to the elementary school.

Now Barnett can be found teaching physical education to all 540 students at Willow Creek Elementary.  She also teaches one health lesson every six days to each grade level as well as adapted physical education, Study Island, and Kid writing.

The kids she teaches are very energetic and easy to please. Nevertheless, there are obstacles Barnett never faced in the high school.

“There are a lot of potty breaks and shoe tying,” Barnett said.

In addition, Barnett has encountered other unexpected challenges.

“I catch myself using bigger words that they have no idea what it means, so I have to rephrase my words so they understand what I am saying.”

Controlling elementary school behavior is very different from keeping high schoolers in check because younger students do not yet know what is appropriate and what is not.

“Elementary students are very open people. You learn a lot about their families very quickly, [probably] more than what their families want you to know, but they always have a smile on their faces and love going to PE class.”

Although she loves her new elementary position, Ms. Barnett does miss some things about teaching at the high school level.

“With high school students, you can be sarcastic  and funny with them, and for the most part they pick up on it very easily. Not so much with elementary.”

On the other hand, Barnett does not miss the making out in the halls and students who question her authority.

Barnett’s tenure at the high school ended rather abruptly. She felt she still had something to accomplish at the secondary level, and she shed many tears over leaving her beloved coworkers. For now, she plans on staying at Willow Creek Elementary and molding the young minds of the future.

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