Fleetwood Hockey Team Off to Quick Start

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Fleetwood’s Hockey team is swiftly advancing towards the end of the 2011 – 2012 season, and we all the student body is proud!

What? You weren’t aware of the Fleetwood Area Hockey team? That’s probably because it never officially existed until this year.

With two seniors from Fleetwood Area High School–Brad Wanner and Joey Matteo–on the varsity team along with five other students from the high school–Brandon Readinger, Corey James, Logan Silvius, Rocco Russo and Matthew Wanner–on the Junior Varsity team, FAHS hockey began practicing for its season in early September and started the regular season on 21 October with a 7 – 2 win against Mifflin.

The games, which are held at either Body Zone in Wyomissing or the Lancaster Ice Rink, are often action-packed, and tickets are only $1.00 for students. The team also has a vocal cheering section across from the players’ bench.

Aside from the high school’s two divisions (varsity and junior varsity), kids can begin playing at a very young age, some as young as six years old. The levels consist of a pre-K to second grade division, an Elementary division, as well as the middle school division. Each division contains multiple people who attend Fleetwood Area School District.  As of this writing, twenty-two Fleetwood students from first grade through twelfth grade are in the Muhlenberg hockey program.

Some of the varsity team’s future games to watch out for include the 19 November match-up, in which the team will face off against Hamburg, and 30 November against Exeter. With both divisions, and games occurring weekly, any hockey lover will stay busy with local student hockey.

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