Twitter Gaining Momentum among Students

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Social networking websites now appeal to 73% of high school students, or roughly three out of every four high school kids.

When the words “social networking” are brought up, most people immediately think of Facebook; however, Twitter is on the rise among students at Fleetwood.

More and more students are turning to Twitter to let everyone know what’s on their minds. Twitter involves writing “tweets” or status updates like any other social networking website. In addition, the user can add a hash tag (#) followed by a topic having to do with the tweet. If the topic is trending, it will appear on a sidebar for other users to read.

One can also “follow” another person on Twitter. “Following” someone is basically Twitter’s way of a friend request. In order to read someone’s tweets, one must follow that user, and vice versa.

“I can say whatever I want, and the only people who read it are the people who follow me,” senior Olivia Edwards said.

“It’s like a change to Facebook. It’s something new,” senior Matt McCammit said.

Many students feel as if Twitter is a good change, but there are some naysayers.

“There’s no purpose to twitter because nobody wants to know what you’re doing every minute of every day,” sophomore Jennifer Mikitka said.

Now that it is becoming more and more common for cell phones to include Internet functions, tweeting during school hours is becoming much more commonplace. Rather than passing notes or texting each other in class, students are tweeting one another. Although this is not good for their education, it truly shows the changes taking place in society.

All in all, whether school districts like it or not, their fellow classmates are tweeting more than ever. They’re doing it before school, in class, when they’re with their friends, and whenever they can get access to the Internet.

 If Fleetwood Area High School is any indication, Twitter is well on its way to becoming the primary social networking website among high school students all around.

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