Antietam Cyber Scare Poses Questions for All Districts

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The rumors started to circulate in late October regarding the future of  the Antietam School District. Many speculated that the school district was going to make the full conversion to a cyber-school and start teaching all of their courses online. Recently, the Antietam School Board addressed these rumors about the school district’s future.

Dr. Lawrence M. Mayes, the Superintendent of Antietam, released a press statement about the rumors circulating about his school district.

“As of this date, the Board of Directors for the Antietam School District has only agreed to permit a no-cost readiness assessment,” Mayes said.  “The administration and board would like to reassert that no decision to move in this direction has been made nor will it be made without the opportunity for community and staff input.”

Mayes went on to in his press release that there will be a meeting of representatives in November to discuss the school’s future, and they will later present their report with the school board in December. The board will then decide what the best action is for the district and its students, whether it is sticking with the current system or making the full conversion into a cyber-school.

Last August, Antietam started the first year of its cyber-school expansion. A couple of Antietam students had already participated in a trial run of the program last year. This school year, two or three students will participate in the full-time program, and a few others will attend part-time.

For now, Antietam School District will continue using its current system. Everyone will have to wait for any additional information in the upcoming months.

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