Fleetwood Fights against Fleetwood Pizza

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After more than thirty years on Main Street, the Fleetwood Borough Council is planning on going through with their demolition plans for Fleetwood Pizza. They are trying to buy Fleetwood Pizza by offering $183,000 for the property.

Plans call for Fleetwood Pizza to be taken away for a walkway to a strip mall that has not yet been created. The strip mall is planned to be placed in the vacant lot behind Fleetwood Pizza and other businesses.

But the business owners have been fighting back; their lawyers have been fighting for a while to save the small pizzeria.

Fleetwood Pizza employs nine people. While the proposed strip mall would offer new employment opportunities, those nine people are going to be without a job if this proposal goes through. This “walkway to nowhere,” as the employees at Fleetwood Pizza call it, is going to cost tax payers money and reduce the borough’s tax base.

“Take a look at all the strip malls just down the road from Fleetwood.  They’re failing to fill their spaces, and they are already built,” Lisa Hoimes said.  Hoimes is the owner’s wife and an employee at Fleetwood Pizza.

Gus, one of the two owners, said, if worst comes to worst, they will have to find an open building into which to move. He hopes an opening will come up on Main Street, but at the moment there is no available location for the pizzeria.

Gus predicts they will have to move out in the springtime next year, but this date was not confirmed by the borough.

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