Governor Corbett’s Voucher Plan “A Misguided Idea”

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Governor Tom Corbett is pushing for a school voucher proposal statewide for education. This bill, if passed, will grant students the right to attend a school of their choice outside of the district in which they are living. This sounds like a great idea, in theory, but it’s at the expense of the taxpayers, not the families sending their kids to another school.

This has raised many concerns in the community and Fleetwood Area High School.

“The bill is an excellent way to spend more money to diminish the quality of education for every student in Pennsylvania,” Zachary Houp said.  Houp is an English teacher and taxpayer in the Fleetwood Area School District.

Fleetwood Area High School principal and local taxpayer, Michael DeAntonio, is very vocal on the issue.

“The voucher bill is a misguided idea.  The law will not fix the problems but instead spread them and not accomplish what the bill is set out to do. It shouldn’t be right for a ‘ticket’ to send a student to a school of their parent’s choice at the taxpayers’ expense. The state should instead focus on schools with the high drop-out rates and low quality of education and support them with funding. The idea is needing a better system to actually make this work because right now the cons outweigh what the pros would be.”

Not only is the staff at Fleetwood enraged by this proposal, students are as well.

“The proposal is taking the problems and spreading them throughout the education system,” senior Conor Donohoe said.

It would seem that the bill would have to undergo many adjustments in order for the population to accept it. The bill itself is still up in the air, and, as of now, nothing has been passed in the state house.

“I believe the budget cuts hurt the educational process enough. These vouchers look good in the eyes of the politicians but do not look good for educators. I believe a complete overhaul would have to be implemented in order for a better voucher system,” Pete Cortazzo, Guidance Counselor and local taxpayer, said.

As of now, the plan seems great, but there are too many loopholes. The Governor is being compelled by many to listen to the preponderance of Pennsylvania citizens and do what is best for the general welfare of education.

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