German Club has Fun-Filled night at Liederkranz

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 Many German students had the chance, as they do every year, to attend the Reading Liederkranz. This year, numbers increased significantly, with 25 high school students, 22 middle school students, and 10 chaperones. The evening was full of fun and exciting German culture.  The menu consisted of bratwurst, sauerkraut, rot kohl (red cabbage), goulash, schweineschnitzel (noodles), kartoffel salat (potato salad), und apfelkuchen (apple cake).

The Liederkranz is a group dedicated to promoting German culture. When they do group work for students, it is all volunteers who make the food and perform.

Another interesting thing one gets to experience is watching and possibly participating in the dances that occur. Most, if not all, are partnered dances, so students have the chance to perform in boy-girl couples.

If you like candy, then this is also the place to go.  They have a stand where you can buy many different types of candy.

“Toblerone is my favorite candy sold there,” FAHS German instructor Herr Shawn Rudy said.  “It’s awesome–the more people we get to go, the better. It shows more involvement and interest in German.”

To finish the night, all were asked to participate in the final dance, called ‘Die Fliegelied,’ which has a series of repeated movements and words.

The German Club plans on attending next year, so stop downstairs in Herr Rudy’s room to find out more information.

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