Fleetwood Eager for, Wary of Black Friday Shopping

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Black Friday is the craziest shopping day of the year. There are unbelievable sales and deals in most stores. Unfortunately, the convenience of the sales comes with a price: the loss of safety.

Stores across the country have had violence within their walls during the 2011 holiday season.

A shopper in Los Angeles decided to use pepper spray to give her an advantage so she could get an X-Box. A worker at the Reading Walmart said a fist fight broke out over a cell phone. In a North Buffalo Target, a stampede caused one man to go to the hospital after being trampled.

“[It’s worth it] if you are willing to go through the craziness,” sophomore Reneé Gerhart said. Gerhart waited in line for forty-five minutes to get into Aéropostale.

A man was shot in a parking lot in San Leandro, California, because he resisted a man trying to rob him. Other gun and bomb threats occurred throughout the country. Some students avoided the crazy stores on their quests for sales.

 “It’s too crazy. I just stay home. You can get deals other times,” head lunch lady Donna said.

People at the Fleetwood Area High School have found ways to avoid the mess of Black Friday. Kirby Barnett, librarian, said he went out food shopping.  Using back roads, he arrived at his destination without traffic. He also says to avoid big malls and stores and go to smaller places like Weis in Kutztown.

Sally Cremer, office secretary, said she was waiting in line for Kohl’s in front of the Dollar Tree in Lebanon. The line for check-out wrapped around the store and back down the middle, she said.

“You were standing right at the cash registers, but you were really at the end of the line,” Cremer said.

Even with the crazy customers, people still saved money. Some shoppers saved up to $500 with all the sale prices. Students in Fleetwood claimed to save as much as $50. Black Friday sales increased 6.6% from last year.

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