Muhlenburg Budget Brings Tax Hike to Berks

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Muhlenberg township commissioners recently approved a 15.5 million budget for 2012. With the approval of this budget, taxes for the residents of the county would rise about 6%. The budget was approved at the end of November.

The rate will increase from $4.5 million to $4.25 million. The 0.15 million increase of tax is for general purposes, which covers basic services. The hike also increased because of a .1 million increase in the fire tax.

“Unfortunately, even with the dedication of the volunteers, other costs continue to rise, which is why a .1 mill increase in the Fire Tax is proposed.” Michael Molinowski said.  Molinowski is the president of the township board of commissioners for the 2012 budget statement.

$1.47 million of the budget will go to State and Federal grants, $340,000 will be spent for road improvements, and $85,000 will be used for a new police officer to work in the township.

“Instead of the economy improving, our local revenues have remained flat while expenses continue to rise,” Molinowski said. “This has required an even greater reliance on cash reserves each year.”

After the budget is approved, any tax bills on property valued at $100,000 will be increased from $425 to $450.

Agreeing on the new budget was not the only item discussed during the meetings. Muhlenberg commissioners also rejected an application from MetroPCS to relocate a sign at Keystone Self Storage.

The initial plan for the sign was to raise its height. The original height of the sign was 65 feet. The proposed new height for the sign would have been 85 feet.

This sign existed since 1999. The current height of the sign no longer conforms to zoning ordinances.

The current township zoning hearing board was in favor of the plan. The commissioners, however, were not in favor of it. They wanted to leave the sign alone and have a different tower for the antennae.

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