Tiger Times Wants Your Queries

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A new advice column will soon be added to The Tiger Times.

This advice column is a new option for students to be a part of for the school. Boxes will be placed, along with submission slips, in each English class as well as in the office. On these slips, students are encouraged to write down any issues or topics about which they would like advice.

Once a week, students from The Tiger Times staff will come around and pick up the slips. They will then be read and answered to the best of the writers’ abilities.

Everything in this process will be anonymous; students are welcome to write an alias so their identity remains unknown. For example, a student dealing with anxiety or difficulty in school could sign his or her submission as “confused” or “stressed.”

The journalists who devise responses to the slips will also remain anonymous. The Tiger Times staff will do their best to answer the slips in a timely and comprehensive fashion.

The questions submitted will likely be answered in the next issue of the newspaper; if not in the newspaper, the responses will be posted on The Tiger Times website.

People need to speak out about what is bothering them, and The Tiger Times staff feels as though this will provide a beneficial outlet. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for people ages fifteen to twenty-five, which can be attributed partly to individuals not knowing where to turn for help.

This column is intended to help students in distress who are too afraid or embarrassed to speak out otherwise. The Tiger Times crew hopes to help and provide support for those students who need a friend to help them with their problems.

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