Basketball Program to Build on Successful JV Season

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In recent years, the Boys Basketball program at Fleetwood Area High School has had great difficulty finding its footing in the realm of Berks County sports. This year was no exception for the Tigers’ Varsity squad, which has made progress but still finds itself sitting at the bottom of the division.

The Tigers’ Junior Varsity team, however, is showing a lot of promise for the program’s future. The Tigers trampled expectations on the way to a stunning 8-0 start and hardly looked back on their way to an impressive 14-5 record.

Using a blend of selflessness and dedication, the boys were able to form their own unique playing style leading to one of the most successful JV basketball seasons Fleetwood has seen. By working together and playing unselfish basketball, the team impressed many and gives new hope for the program’s future.

“They are the most unselfish kids that I have ever been around. They care about each other and really try to make each other better. They hold each other accountable both on and off the court and help each other when they need it,” Fleetwood coach Brian Benkert said of the team’s success.

“They have a unique opportunity to bring a sense of pride back into the Fleetwood Basketball program over the next couple of years,” Benkert said.

After kicking off the season by winning the Hamburg Tournament, the Tigers quickly became hot, winning ten of their first eleven games, including two consecutive overtime thrillers against Schuylkill Valley and Conrad Weiser. Such tests of character were key for the team, giving them momentum to continue their winning ways throughout the rest of the season.

The Tigers showed some growing pains late in the season, however, dropping five of six to some of the county’s basketball powerhouses. They showed true colors, however, by finishing out the season with three consecutive wins, including a last-second win over Twin Valley.

“The younger kids have been playing so well together. I think we’ll finally get to see a team that plays as a team and that will have a lot of success in the county,” Fleetwood athletic trainer Melissa Marks said.

This year’s JV team hopes to translate their success in the 2011-2012 season into several years of success on the Varsity level but realizes it will take plenty of work.

“In order for them to experience the success that they both want and can achieve, they are going to need to continue to work hard in the off-season, push each other to get better, and not be satisfied with the success they had this year. They have the ability to have as much success as they want as long as they continue put the time in to accomplish their goals,” said coach Brian Benkert.

Though the future success and triumphs of the team are completely unknown, one thing can be said with certainty: Fleetwood basketball is on the rise and has the full potential to soon be a formidable force in Berks County athletics.

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