Brandywine-Kutztown Merger Called Off

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Was there really going to be a merger between the Brandywine and Kutztown school districts?

According to recent talks, it could have been very possible.

The Kutztown and Brandywine school districts were rumored to be merging sometime in the near future, but the talks recently stopped.

The possibility arose during the Brandywine budget forums when various residents began asking questions about the topic. The administrators of Brandywine all agreed that the possibility of a merger with Kutztown was the most asked question by the people in attendance.

There was some logic behind these talks. For starters, both schools are geographically close to each other, making it easier for students to adjust who live in the area if a merger had occurred. Also, both districts have declined in enrollment in recent years.

In recent years both school districts had closed several elementary schools as well. This only adds to the problem that both districts face.

Despite all of this, Brandywine declined to merge with Kutztown school district.

“We’re much better off than we were four years ago,” said Brandywine board member Ken Heffner. “Now is not the time to talk merger.”

One reason for this offer being declined is that Pennsylvania does not provide the funding for a merger. There has been only one school merger in the state since 1980, which took three years just to complete.

Both schools had agreed on a way to divide sports to each district’s students before the merger had been called off. Beginning this fall, students from Brandywine can join Kutztown’s football team. Students from Kutztown will be able to join Brandywine’s track and field and volleyball teams as well.

How would a merger between these districts affect Fleetwood? There would be more possibilities for students looking to move to a new school district. It would also be easier for taxpayers in the area as well.

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