Temple Run is Newest iOS Hit Game

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A new hit game swept through Fleetwood Area High School. The game Temple Run has become a very popular way among Fleetwood students to spend free time.

Temple Run is an app for iOS products, and, very soon, Android products. Temple Run was created by Imangi Studios and has since made it to the number one most popular free iOS app.

The objective in Temple Run is to steal an idol from a temple. There are seven characters from which to choose: Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, Karma Lee, Montana Smith, Francisco Montoya, and Zack Wonder. The characters have mostly the same qualities while demonic monkeys are chasing after them. The evil monkeys chase the character in an attempt to retrieve the stolen idol; the character most run from the monkeys. There is no finish line in this game; the character keeps running until he or she dies or gets caught by the monkeys.

“My high score in Temple Run is 819,150 because I’m pretty terrible,” Josh Conrath, a Fleetwood Area High School sophomore said.

There are numerous ways to die in Temple Run. These include getting caught by the evil demon monkeys, missing a jump, or hitting random objects in the character’s path.

There are also coins to collect by tilting the screen side to side. Coins eventually lead to power ups. Power ups can then be upgraded; when fully upgraded to the Mega Coin at 150 coins, invisibility lasts for thirty seconds, boost works for 1,000 meters, and the coin magnet lasts longer and multiplies coins by three.

The coins acquired while playing Temple Run can help to buy upgrades in the app’s store.

“One-point-one million is my high score,” sophomore Colin Reinert said.

“My high score is 16 million, but I also glitched the game, ”Josh Ravel, a Fleetwood Area High School student, said.

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