Senior Week House Hunting Tips

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As the end of the school year nears, some students may be thinking about plans for the upcoming summer. For many graduating seniors, a post-graduation getaway is exactly what they have in mind: a week or so to relax with friends and enjoy some time together before the reality of going off to college and work sets in. If getting out of PA for a bit is at the top of your priority list, here are a few helpful tips to land you a “senior week” house!

  • Figure out who is going: This may sound simple, but a definite number of people going on the trip is crucial for house-hunting and reservation purposes. It is never easy to make successful plans if people are constantly backing out or trying to join.
  • Pick a date: Choose a week or two weeks, if possible, during which all the people in your group are available to go. This will allow for some leniency in looking for houses if certain weeks are already booked.
  • Choose a destination: If your group has one specific location in mind, focus your house-hunting efforts in that area. If there is no set location, keep your options a little more open and expand your reach to one county or state.
  • Start looking early: The earlier your group is ready to begin searching for a place to stay, the better. This allows for a wider range of houses or condominiums at your disposal.
  • Money: Two crucial aspects to the money topic are price limits and preparedness. Always decide on a top price that everyone in your group is willing to spend before beginning your search. Also, start to either collect money or set it aside as the process goes to be ready for deposits when the perfect rental comes your way.
  • Stay in contact: Remain in contact with all prospective rental homeowners via either e-mail or phone calls. Verify property details, and make sure everything checks out to avoid fraudulent situations. Websites such as,, and have the “email the owner” option to accomplish this. Also, being persistent will show your interest and heighten your chances of success.
  • Be prepared for rejection: Some properties are only rented to families or adults over the age of 25, but don’t lose hope. Keep looking in other areas, and don’t give up after a few rejection emails or phone calls because they will happen.

“My experience was really, really bad. I emailed ten people, and only one got back to me with a ‘No.’  It was really discouraging,” senior Andy Moran said. “On top of that, I think getting the people together and having them commit is the hardest part.”

Sites such as feature listings of rentals for groups specifically under the age of 25. Also, the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce compiles a new list every year of all the teen rentals available in the Wildwood, New Jersey, area.

“Start off with agencies and be open to searching in multiple locations, even if you had your heart set on one,” senior Jake Braswell, who is planning on attending a post-graduation excursion of his own, said.

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