Willow Creek Peter Pan Scheduled for 29 March

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The Willow Creek Performing Arts Committee will be performing Peter Pan on 29 March at 6:30 p.m. in the Willow Creek auditorium. Admission is free!

Many elementary students can remember the amazing performance of The Little Mermaid last year. By the looks of the auditions over the past two years, theater is becoming a favorite among younger students.

“There is a ton of talent in the kids, and they are so passionate when it comes to practice,”  co-director Heidi Carletti said.

The Willow Creek Performing Arts Committee was formed to provide performance opportunities for the students in the elementary school last year. This year, ten teachers will be helping out with the production. The cast includes 55 students in grades K-4. The play is based on the novel Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie and includes songs from the Broadway musical. Although the Disney version of Peter Pan is an all-time classic, this production will definitely outshine any other elementary school performances.

It wouldn’t be a show without the enthusiasm of the cast. During their practice, they sure do show it.

“It’s great!” actor Brooklyn Raifsnider, one of the Peter Pans, said.

“Different genders playing a certain gender role definitely helps to show different character types,” director and teacher Sandra Hawkins said.

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