Hidden Rap Gems Make Way in Music Industry

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It’s common knowledge that making it in the music industry is difficult. Thousands of hopefuls pursue their dreams of making it as a famous musician, but most of these dreamers never find the limelight. This generalization is especially true in the rap industry.

Many aspiring artists don’t ever make it in music because they lack the ability; however, some of these artists are just as good, if not better, than many mainstream artists.

The following are some of the rappers considered underrated by the few who have heard of them.

The first on the list is the hidden gem known as Ground Up Sounds or Ground Up. This three-man group is based out of Philadelphia. Ground Up has been producing rap music since 2007 but achieved a fair amount of fame online after their release of “Late Night Special.”

Second on the list is Kid Ink. Ink has been producing mix tapes for a little over two years and most recently dropped “Wheels Up” this past August. Many critics are shocked that Kid Ink hasn’t been picked up by a label yet. Kid Ink produces quality music and is fairly popular amongst Fleetwood’s class of 2013.

Chevy Woods is the third rapping mystery on the list. Chevy, who is most well-known for his appearance in “Taylor Gang,” is surprisingly more than capable of holding his own. In August, Woods released his mix tape “The Cookout,” which featured long-time friend Wiz Khalifa in multiple tracks. While many downloaded this mix tape for Wiz’s appearances, Chevy proves that he is more than capable of producing his own songs.

At the end of the day, rapping is a music genre that has dozens of undiscovered gems, but in order to be found, one needs to look in the right place.

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