Fleetwood NHS Members Inducted

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On the 29 February at half past six, Fleetwood inducted it’s new class of National Honor Society members.

The night started off with the women’s chorus, led by music teacher Catharine Williamson, singing the national anthem.

Before the new members were inducted, NHS advisor and FAHS English teacher Debra Mahnken gave all the seniors their pins and then had the officers recite the tenets of the National Honor Society. The officers are president Haley Schlechter, Treasurer Margariete Malenda, and Secretary Paige Bohn.

Next, the candle ceremony started, and all of the older members inducted the class of 2013.

The members for National Honor Society next year include Brandon Creyer, Samantha Diehm, Haley Fidler, Sarah Fortna, Elizabeth Geisinger, Kristin Hartman, Stephen Hilborn, Elizabeth Jones, Aubrey Kohl, Maureen McGarry, Aaron Nelson, Piper O’Keefe, Hannah Perone, Abbey Porambo, Elizabeth Pruzinsky, Katelyn Roberts, Elizabeth Rohde, Elizabeth Rothenberger, Hannah Stump, and Alexis Weaver.

Each of the new members’ biographies were read by a senior member, their candles lit, and then they were welcomed into the National Honor Society.

After the induction, FAHS principal Michael DeAntonio said words of praise, and the members said the National Honor Society pledge.

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