Messi Breaks Barcelona Scoring Record

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Lionel Messi–Some call him the best soccer player in the world. After winning countless league titles, individual player awards, and three FIFA World Player of the Year awards, he currently sits as the king of “football” at the age of twenty-four. The Argentinian native currently plays in the Spanish La Liga in Europe for one of the most iconic football clubs in the world, Football Club Barcelona.

As if being the best of the best was not enough, on 20 March, Lionel Messi broke the club’s all-time goal scoring record of 232; he now officially has 234 goals in only seven seasons.

Previous leader Cesar Rodriguez’s 232 goals came in the early 1950s for the club.

Messi wasted no time in accomplishing the milestone at the age of 24–having scored an incredible 48 goals in 40 games for the Spanish Giants this season, including eight hat-tricks–with the record-setting goal netted in a 5-3 win against Granada.

The three-time FIFA World Player of the Year slotted home Isaac Cuenca’s cross in the seventeenth minute and then secured the record goal in the 68th minute when he lobbed the ball over Granada goalkeeper Julio Cesar and again rounded the keeper later on for his third strike.

“You have few players who dominate like this, but he does it. You can compare him perfectly to [basketball legend Michael] Jordan,” Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola said.  “I want to thank the team for overcoming all adversity and this guy who is continuing to make history. It’s all been said before about Messi. He doesn’t only score goals, he scores great goals; each one is better than the last. We are seeing the very best in action.”

For those who don’t follow soccer, the task of acquiring 234 goals by the age of 24 is not an easy one and is extremely rare to witness. If soccer is not one of your favorite sports to watch, tuning in to a Barcelona game and watching Lionel Messi dominate the ball magically with his feet is a sight to see. Even though Messi is compared to soccer stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, there is no doubt that Leo has entered history, and soccer fans are lucky enough to witness him in his prime.

“Even though Barcelona is second in the league, I think Messi is an incredible player and is far superior to Ronaldo,” Fleetwood senior goalkeeper Dan McMullen said.

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