Sheetz Rennovations Attract Customers

Posted on May 17, 2012 by


Sheetz on 222 has been going through many changes throughout the past two months. The entire store has been going through renovations.

The front portion of the store has been the only part running since the beginning of the renovations. Sleek new carpet throughout the store and brand new bathrooms have been added.

A whole new layout in the store is present as well.  The M-T-O (made to order) part of the store has been redone. All new equipment for the kitchen has been added to ensure faster orders. The menu, however, has remained the same.

The coffee station up front has been redone as well. There is more space, so the morning rush can get what it needs to make it through the day. The new layout of the store has made it easier for people to get in and out more quickly than ever.

Tables and chairs have been added outside. This is a great addition with summer just down the road. Now customers can grab some food and then eat outside and hang out with friends. This is perfect because Fleetwood lacks a quick food service that also provides seating. This addition will bring in more and more costumers as the summer approaches.

For the past couple months, Sheetz has been giving out free soft drinks, slushies, and coffee. They have been doing this as a way to keep their customer base. This has been working because more and more people are going to Sheetz to see the new store and get a free drink.

Sheetz has not lost any customers but instead gained many in the process. The new store will provide a nice hangout and be the same gas station it was before the changes.

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