Timeflies Emerges Into the Music World

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Timeflies is a musical group that formed in late 2010 and targets high school and college students. The duo consists of a vocalist named Cal, who is 23 years old, and hails from New York. Rez, 22, produces the music and is from New Jersey.

The group tried to break through genre barriers and create a totally new type of music. They have combined elements of pop, hip-hop, electro, dub step, and rock in an effort to make music they consider “electro hip-hop dub something.” Their music definitely has a unique sound to it.

“It is a nice mixture between alternative and dub step.  It’s really relaxing, ” senior Jake Braswell said.

Timeflies released their first album, The Scotch Tape, in September of 2011. After only 24 hours following its release, The Scotch Tape rose to eighth on iTunes’ overall chart and second on the pop chart. The group has been gaining more and more popularity every week.
Every Tuesday, the guys make a new music video for their fans. On “Timeflies Tuesday,” fans can expect an original remix of a popular song. It is a great way for the fans to get a peek into the life of Timeflies every week and be amazed by the quality of each video.

“Their flow is absolutely insane, and the fact that they rap about cartoons and random stuff from our childhood is awesome,” Braswell said.

Despite their obvious talents and musical prowess, the group still remains relatively unknown to Fleetwood.

“I don’t know what that means,” senior Samantha Sanders said.

Some students are more confident that Timeflies will reach the pinnacle of music. The group has some big venues on their schedule, including the Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey and 9Fest in May.

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