Harper Hits His Way into the Big Leagues

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Bryce Harper, a 19-year-old baseball phenom, has taken the MLB by storm. He is the youngest player in the National League and has made the once terrible Washington Nationals team into a World Series contender.

Bryce Harper left Las Vegas High School after his sophomore year and earned his GED, making him eligible for the 2010 MLB amateur draft. Instead of finishing out high school, he took a big risk and went to the College of Southern Nevada, a school in the Scenic West Athletic Conference. The Scenic West Athletic Conference actually helped his transition to the professional level because the SWAC conference requires athletes to use wood bats, just like the professionals do.

After playing one year for the College of Southern Nevada and being voted the Most Valuable Player of the league,  Harper was selected number one overall by the Washington Nationals.

Bryce Harper has been playing very well since he was called up on April 27, 2012. Not only has he made a name for himself with his play on the field, he has also made a name for himself because of his cocky attitude. Harper has been hit by pitchers and has been ejected from games due to his attitude.

“I enjoy watching him play because I am a big Nationals fan and I believe he can take the Nationals to the World Series in the near future. I really hope he can live up to the expectations and not be another bust,” FAHS student Christian Boyer, a Nationals fan, said.

“Bryce Harper is very cocky, and I do not care for him.  You can tell by his immature attitude that he is full of himself. Anyone who breaks his own bat against a wall and hurts himself is stupid in my mind,” FAHS student Justin Dantas said.

Now that Harper is in the MLB, everyone is excited to see what he can do.

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