‘Magic’ Swarms the School

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Fleetwood Area High School has a history of having students play a trading card game called Magic: The Gathering. It has taken multiple years for a group to be organized, and now, one has emerged.

The Magic club meets about once a week to get together and play a common game. The kids in the club meet in either English teacher Zachary Houp’s or science teacher Todd Driesbach’s room to duel each other. Houp and Driesbach, both players themselves, are advisors to the group.

“Finally there is an organized club that we can play Magic together and have fun,” senior Colemann Mitchell said.

The members in the club are hoping to take some kind of field trip to tournaments held at Golden Eagle at the Fairgrounds Square Mall. This will give the players the opportunity to compete against other people and in turn, will give them more experience with the game.

“Some people see us playing Magic at lunch, and they immediately judge us. Unfortunately, they haven’t gotten the enjoyment of actually playing the game. They’re solely judging us on the fact that it isn’t usual of high school kids to play card games,” said sophomore Brendan Homan.

“I’ve taken multiple trips to Golden Eagle to buy cards and to play in pre-releases for new sets,” senior Anthony Batista said.

The Magic club is looking in to buying a big amount of cards. This way, the kids will get a variety of cards. Also, it will be more cost-effective instead of buying a single booster pack.

Booster packs only hold fifteen cards and cost around $4.00 per pack. The chances of getting good cards are often slim.

If you are interested in joining the Magic club, please contact Batista, Scott Long, or Houp. You might even find them after school in one of the teachers’ rooms.

Magic is a fun and strategic game for any age. All it requires is time, effort, and a little intelligence.

The game truly is for all ages and any type of person.

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