MLB is Just around the Corner

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The upcoming 2013 Major League Baseball, or MLB, season is set to begin with a matchup of the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros. This will be a Sunday night game on 31 March. Opening day for most of the clubs will be on 1 April.

“Baseball is back! It should be a great year, and I cannot wait to watch,” junior Josh Ravel said.

There are some new minor rule changes set to occur in the 2013 season. One rule that seems to be more on the unusual side is that now managers can bring interpreters to the pitcher’s mound, just in case the pitcher is not fluent in English. Also, teams are now allowed to have seven coaches in the dugout, which is one more than last year’s six.

Another change that will be taken into effect in the 2013 season is that the Houston Astros are set to become a member of the American League. They will be placed in the West division. The last time teams were added to the American League was in 1977, when the Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays were added.

“I’m really excited for the start of the new season,” sophomore Tyler Emge said.

Just as many baseball fans around the country are getting ready for the upcoming 2013 season, Fleetwood is feeling the same way.

Last year, the National League champion Giants took the World Series back to San Francisco. The 2012 World Series was the 108th annual World Series. The Giants defeated the American League champion Detroit Tigers in just four games. This was the seventh time that San Francisco won the World Series, and it was the second time in the last three years.

Pablo Sandoval of the Giants ended up earning the World Series’ Most Valuable Player Award.

“It should be an exciting season to watch.  I cannot wait,” sophomore Zach Koenig said.

Baseball fans from all over are preparing for the start of the MLB season, hoping that it is a very intense, entertaining year.

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