Easter Celebrations Vary around the World

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The smell of chocolate is in the air. That’s right, Easter is near. Here in America, most people associate chocolate and giant bunnies with Easter, but, in other countries, there are different activities happening.

In Germany, Easter starts on Good Friday with a feast of fish. Also, part of the lunch feast is a lamb-shaped cake and colored Easter eggs, followed by the dessert of chocolate and cookies. One of the most important traditions is hanging out around a bonfire with family members.

In England, the British people eat ham as a part of their Easter dinner and attend Morris Dance performances. Easter parades are held throughout England for all of the country to see.

Australia’s Easter is celebrated in the autumn. They also do not believe in the Easter Bunny. Instead, they have the Bilby (the rabbit is considered destructive in this country).

In Austria, the Easter fires are lit on the night before Easter Sunday. On Easter, children paint colorful eggs and search for hidden sweets throughout the house.

When kids awaken on Easter morning in the United States, all they think about is the candy. They walk around and see some of the hidden eggs waiting to be found. Some people see family and get a basket full of sweet treats, while others go to the malls and see the Easter Bunny.

Easter in America is a time for family to get together. Students say they visit their grandparents or other relatives.
Unfortunately, the Easter spirit is declining in households. Some sophomores just sat at home and did homework all day.

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