Rumors of New iPhone has Apple Users Going Bananas

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Rumors on the iPhone 6 have been flying.

Apple leaked information leading many to ponder what features this new device will have. The computer company is currently deciding whether to call this phone the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6.

This new phone has many people making theories on what it may look like.

One theory is that this phone will have a complete circular edged 3D look to it with a touchscreen all around.  Theory two is that it will have a detachable keyboard that makes it look similar to the newer iPads.  Theory three is that the iPhone will have a Galaxy 4 look to it, with a stand on the back and a projection keyboard to type.

The Apple company leaked more information about the wrap-around feature than anything else. The word is that the iPhone 6 will be transparent and have no buttons and a feature called iWatch will be included. Also, a projection keyboard will be included.

These are only theories going off of questions from the Apple Company requesting votes on the style and name. Apparently, the next two iPhones were designed by Steve Jobs before his death in 2011.  According to, the security of the next iPhone will be much more complex because more than half of all thefts are stolen iPhones.

Four goals are expected to be met: alternate keyboards, better battery life, no bigger screens, and cheaper price. Keeping the smaller screen is what most people voted on because it does not fit anywhere when the screen and body is bigger.

More information will come out closer to when the phone will be released.

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