FAHS Ski Club is Chill

Posted on April 24, 2013 by


Ski club here at Fleetwood Area School District goes on its trips to Bear Creek. Bear Creek Ski and Snowboard resort is a local ski resort only twenty-five minutes outside Fleetwood. Bear Creek has between 25 and 30 trails to explore.

Bear Creek is the most successful ski resort near Fleetwood, and many people in the area prefer to go up there.  There are also a lot of students in ski club, as well as a lot of people who just like to go up with their friends.

“The snow was nice this year.  The terrain park changed a lot, which made each time different, and it wasn’t boring. We have the most fun talking to people on the slopes or the lift,” sophomore Jared Adam said.

“Sometimes I go down the terrain park with friends to see cool tricks,” freshman Tyler Knauer said.

This season was a very fun season at Bear Creek. The owners were always changing the parks but keeping them groomed well. skiers are anxious to see if next season will be as good as this one.

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