Weiss Makes History at FAHS

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GerhartOne new change to Fleetwood Area High School’s history department is the addition of Mr. Todd Weiss. Weiss is a 1977 graduate of Fleetwood Area High School, and he is excited to be back.

“I very much enjoy him as a teacher because we get into friendly class debates.  The tests are easy, and he reminded me of Mr. Rhode on the first day of school,” senior Makayla Noll said.

After high school, Weiss went to Moravian University, Kutztown State University, and Penn State. While in college, Weiss earned a BA in Political Science, a Para-legal certificate in real estate law, and a non-accredited master’s degree for family-based therapy. After college, Weiss worked for Deka for three years.

“What I appreciate most about Mr. Weiss is that he has a shame corner,” Tessa Swider said.

Weiss said his decision to teach at Fleetwood was because of his love for the community and his willingness to repay the community as a teacher. Plus, Fleetwood is pretty close in proximity.

“I have no complaints about this district, and I believe it to be an amazing school,” Weiss said.  “I enjoy teaching here because the students are good, and the faculty is very helpful, especially Mr. Kochanasz, who is my mentor. I enjoy having Mr. K for a mentor because he is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience.”

“I believe Mr. Weiss will be a good teacher because, so far, he seems very enthusiastic and has a lot of good ideas as far as teaching goes,” history teacher Paul Kochanasz said .

Weiss previously taught at the Fleetwood Area Middle School. He says he prefers the high school because the students are at a high level of learning, meaning he can challenge them more. His style of teaching includes videos, overheads, lectures, and independent work.

“I like Mr. Weiss because his tests are easy to study for and because I like his classroom structure,” Kylie Ebling said.

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