Syrian Strike No Longer Inevitable

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Who is Bashar al-Assad?

He is the Syrian leader, and he has been head of Syria since 17 July 2000.

Syria and the U.S. have been a hot topic lately. With Syria using chemicals on people, should the U.S. strike or not?

A lot of Syrians flew to neighboring countries and are now refugees, but, according to CNN, about 100,000 people died because of chemical weapons. Many of those victims were women and children.

A big step moving forward against Syria recently arose and then subsided. According to CNN, USA and Russia agreed to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons. Personnel from both the U.N. and The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will help remove the weapons.

“I feel like we should stay out of their civil war. Let the Russians talk to them. Don’t let soldiers die for nothing,” future-recruit Adam Beidler said.

“We shouldn’t [strike] because we aren’t the world police,” junior Francis Talerico said,

”Stay out of there!” Kenny Kline said.

According to ABC, Obama exchanged letters between Iran’s President, which is Syria’s neighbor. Meanwhile, things seem to be moving toward a peaceful resolution.

Some in Syria are trying to overthrow the president of Syria, where peace still eludes the people.  Many desire a new form of freedom. Meanwhile, many still die during protests.

According to AP, the head of the UN chemical team does not need any more evidence of the attack on 21 August 2013. He wants to go back for more testing in upcoming weeks.

“He will stay on for years. I don’t see any force toppling him tomorrow morning–though he deserves to pass from this world, and the quicker that happens, the better,” Syrian General Golan said talking about Assad.

“I want to go in, but we should say out,” Larry Shalters, a US marine, said.

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