Interim Principal Transitions Nicely

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There is a new face in the Fleetwood Area High School staff. Mrs. Linda Misterkieiwicz is the new temporary principal.

Misterkieiwicz has come out of retirement to keep the school up and running while the search for a permanent principal continues.

Misterkieiwicz has a lot of experience in a school atmosphere. Before she entered retirement, she was the coordinator of student services in the Exeter Township School District.

She attended Seton Hill College, now a university, with an undergraduate major in history and a graduate in education and principal certification.

Though she may not have the time and opportunity to make an impression on all of the Fleetwood Area High School population, she has still introduced herself to most of the staff and students.

Assistant Principal Thomas Salpino has confidence in Misterkieiwicz’s skill at being a principal. Fleetwood students have supported this time of transition, and Salpino is very appreciative.

“It is times like these when a school community comes together that we are able to best experience a positive sense of teamwork,” Salpino said.

Salpino is proud of how welcoming Fleetwood Area High School has been to Misterkieiwicz.

Because of her temporary status, the way she handles the role of principal differs a bit from the way Mr. DeAntonio did. Misterkieiwicz does not want to mess with the “status quo,” as she calls it.

Perhaps the main difference Salpino noticed between Misterkieiwicz and DeAntonio is the professional football team they support. Misterkieiwicz is for the Baltimore Ravens, while DeAntonio rooted for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Misterkieiwicz has been seen sitting in on different classes each day. She wants to observe the students and teachers so she can make recommendations to administration that could improve the school as a whole.

And she has been enjoying herself so far because of the Fleetwood students.

In fact, her favorite part of being a principal is seeing the changes in students as they grow from freshmen into seniors. She loves hearing from past students.

Interviews for a permanent principal are being held over the next few weeks with the hopes of a final candidate being presented to the school board in October, Salpino said.

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