Fall Fashions are Trendy, School-Friendly

Posted on November 4, 2013 by


Fleetwood fashion trends this fall are full of color, texture, patterns, and boldness. You can see anyone wearing anything from maxi skirts to sweatshirts in this crisp autumn weather.

The hallways are showing off leather, jean jackets, plaid, cardigans, and so much more.

“I wear sweatshirts because they are warm and comfy,” senior Kayla Robinson said.

And Kayla isn’t the only one.

“I wear cardigans because they keep me out of trouble in school, and it makes my outfit school appropriate” Annie Zheng said.

This trend indicates that students often pick their clothing not only based on style but also based on school rules.

Ashlynn Haffer said she goes to Hollister for the main reason of style, even though she believes that the store smells awful.

Kayla chose comfort, Annie chose style but made sure it was school appropriate, and Ashlynn goes to her favorite store no matter what.

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