Did the Shutdown Shut Down Major League Athletics?

Posted on November 10, 2013 by


The government shutdown has ended, but while it was going on, a frequent concern of many was how the shutdown would affect sports. Despite the shutdown not directly influencing sports or sport leagues, some were worried that it would affect the Army, Navy, and Air Force football games before the government reopened.

“I hope the government shutdown has no effect on the football games. I know that would make many football fans across the country very upset,” Junior Wyatt Pennsinger said.

The government shutdown affected many other things besides sports. Financially, America is in a bit of trouble right now. Every day that the government was shutdown, the country lost $46 million. In reality, the sports were the least of the nation’s concerns during the shutdown.

“The government shutdown is much more important than just how it is affecting the sports world, but I would be upset if it did end up affecting sports,” Junior Kayla Lynn Daniels said .

Fortunately, the government shutdown did not affect sports in any way, and all of the teams played the games they were scheduled to play.

“I’m really happy that the shutdown is over, and I’m glad that it did not affect sports, even though I didn’t think it would,” Sophomore Bella Abrams said.

“I knew the government would not shut down for good, and I knew that it wouldn’t affect sports,” junior Brendan Homan said.

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