Fleetwood Deals with Sports Injuries

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Injuries from sports are definitely a disadvantage and can lead to serious issues. Throughout Berks County, the majority of injuries are found in football because of the high level of contact.

“Although football produces the most injuries, it is not always the sport with the highest percentage of injuries per number of participants,” Mr. Moyer, trainer from Wilson Area School District, said.

The trainer from Wilson reported that the worst injury he has dealt with was a brain aneurysm. This occurred after the student received numerous head traumas without reporting them. This student needed to have an emergency surgery followed by many sessions of therapy.

Giving players and parents the news that they are not able to finish their season is never easy. On the Fleetwood Area Football team, there have been numerous injuries. A few of them have been a broken shoulder, a broken leg, concussions, and a sprained back.

“Being injured isn’t fun.  All I want to do is play football, and not being able to stresses me out and makes everything much harder!” junior Tyler Emge said.

The Fleetwood boys’ soccer team has also had a few injuries. Three of the injuries reported have been turf toe and a strained hamstring/quad.

The Reading Hospital Medicine Group Sports Medicine Center has certified Athletic Trainers. There are many rehabilitation services, such as Athletic Training Services, Physical Therapy, Work Related Injuries, Back Pain support, Braces and Splints, and many more.

“I broke my ankle during a basketball game in 8th grade!” junior Matt Hook said.

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