Madness Is Back!

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College basketball season has tipped off. All teams are looking to play at their top level.

Many teams have their top players or “go-to” guys. Nobody ever knows what to expect with college basketball season. It can be a frustrating time with upsets happening left and right, making the season exciting for most people (except the fans of teams that are losing).

“I’m looking forward to Ohio State doing big things this year, after making it to the Final Four last season,” junior Matt Masenheimer said.

Aaron Craft, Ohio State’s biggest player to watch, often does unexpected things on defense. This year, there are plenty of other big players to watch.

Andrew Wiggins from Kansas, Jabari Parker from Duke, Marshall Henderson from Ole Miss, Marcus Smart from Oklahoma State, Aaron Gordon from Arizona, and Mitch McGary from Michigan are all top players to watch as the season goes on. There are plenty of other players to keep an eye on who can dictate the course of the season.

“Andrew Wiggins is fun to watch because he is like a LeBron James of the NCAA,” junior Gary Gabriel said.

The final four contenders last year were Kentucky, Kansas, Ohio State, and Louisville. Kentucky and Kansas met in the finals with Kentucky winning it all.

The game to watch this season so far is the Duke vs. Kansas game that took place already. Freshman Andrew Wiggins vs. Freshman Jabari Parke made for an exciting matchup. This game was everything fans expected it to be. Wiggins and the Kansas Jayhawks went on to win 94-83.

“Personally, my favorite team is UNC, but watching this game was very exciting,” senior Josh Conrath said.

The top 5 teams this year are Arizona (1), Syracuse (2), Ohio State (3), Wisconsin (4), and Michigan State (5).
With college basketball in full swing, the March Madness tournament is right around the corner. March Madness is one the most watched sporting events around the world.

“March Madness is one of the most exciting times of the year.  I love watching the upsets happen,” junior Mitch Kinek said.

The 2014 NBA Draft will have a lot of good players entering. These are the top 5 players that will go into the 2014 NBA Draft: Andrew Wiggins (1), Julius Randle (2), Jabari Parker (3), Dante Exum (4), and Marcus Smart (5).

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