Random Profile: Lauren Boyer

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Lauren Boyer is a tenth grader in Fleetwood Area High School. She is a former field hockey player, which she played since fifth grade. Other activities in which Lauren participates include ballet, hip-hop, and jazz. She has been interested in dance since she was two-years-old.

In her free time, Boyer likes to hang out with her best friends Tiana Tracy and Keith Brokhoff. Going to the movies and mini golf are her ideal dates and recreational activities. She does not mind spending her time bowling with friends either. Keith and Lauren have been in a relationship for a little over a year. The two of them could not be happier together.

Lauren loves to shop at “Rue 21.” She says they have very cute clothes and they fit her style. She visited Florida one time when she was in fifth grade. The temperature was unbeatable, and she loved it!

She has two little brothers, aged nine and eleven. Lauren has a dog, cat, and twenty fish for pets. Also, she plays the guitar and piano when she has free time. A few years ago, she also used to horseback ride. Lauren placed first in an equestrian competition and second in another.

Once Lauren graduates from Fleetwood Area High School, she plans on going to college. It would be her dream to go to Kutztown or Alvernia to further her education. Her favorite subject is English because she loves to read and write.

“This is my first year having Lauren, and she is a pleasure to have in class!” gym teacher Carol LeVan said.

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