Fleetwood Students Soldier On

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High School is a time of decision. Whether it is the small decisions, such as how to dress or who to hang out with, or some of the largest choices of a student’s life, including what occupation to pursue or what college or tech school to attend. Some will go to college to become doctors, engineers, or even teachers and professors to complete the cycle of education.

But some high school students choose to join the Armed Services, to defend their country, so that everyone in this great nation is able to attain the career they wish with the correct amount of hard work.

Mathew Weston, a current junior at Fleetwood Area High School, is one of those students who is willing to lay his life down on the line so that people around the country have the right to their freedoms, even if it means they oppose  America’s standing army.

“I feel that I should give back to my country,” Weston said.  “While I disagree with [American ideologies], I will defend them nonetheless because everyone deserves a chance. I fight so that everyone has the chance to express their own opinions.”

But this is not the only thing for which soldiers fight. While there are many things aspects of the armed forces that are unpleasant, there always is a light at the end of the tunnel, which brightens an enlisted person’s day, including family, friends, a loved one, even a pet. Every soldier has something he or she looks forward to when returning home.

“I wanted to bring honor to my family by serving the country,” senior Nate Mayer said.  “When I look at the flag, and say the pledge every day at school, I know that I will soon help keep that flag flying proudly. But I am also now able to attend college even in the economic status that we are currently in. My parents always told that, when there is a will, there is a way. I found a way, and I am going to take full advantage of the benefits that they are willing to give me.”

College benefits are the best option outside of a full-ride scholarship; students earn some of the best training in the world, which can transfer over to real-world experience. With both college and real-world experience, many jobs will hire former soldiers on the spot.

But there is also a pride that resides inside of each soldier throughout the world: to be protecting the country that they hail from, to keep their family, their neighbors, people they have never met safe from others who wish to harm them.

The Commander-in-Chief and President of the United States, Barrack Obama once said, “Our values call upon us to care about people we may never meet.”

United States soldiers do meet these people, face to face. They see the horrors that war has created, and most will lose their buddies. But they move on, hence the term “Soldier on.” It means to carry on, no matter what gets in the way, whether it is a physical obstacle or a mental one.

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