Live Better and Live Positively

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Having a positive attitude, a healthy diet, and understanding your own body and limit are essentials in feeling better about life.

Boosting your own self-esteem and not waiting for others to do that for you will help you feel powerful and confident.

Every morning, tell yourself, “I am beautiful, I am proud of myself, what I do today will matter, I will be successful, I am enough, I am unique, and I have something different to offer.” Being positive will attract positive energy and relieve stress.

Learn to say “No.” Being assertive and in control without being rude is a good way to be on top. Saying “no” to corrupting energies will keep you pure and feeling better. Ask for help, and do not be afraid to ask questions and learn something in your day. Writing your feelings down periodically will help you to vent and burn steam because bottling up anger and having too much on your mind can be overwhelming. Find something in your everyday view that will inspire you.

Exercising and stretching in any spare moment keeps muscles loose and relaxed. Tense muscles can make you stressed and distracted during your day. Taking a deep breath and drinking plenty of water will help to make you feel awake and alert.

There are some natural oils that will help your body. Peppermint not only freshens breath, but it also will relax your stomach and soothe muscles. Sesame oil is best known for moisturizing hair and skin cells. Lavender calms nerves and relaxes you. Black pepper soothes muscles, heals your body, and undoes cramping. Many organic oils can heal the human body. Some people actually center their lives around these herbs and spices.

Feeling good about your body and health pushes you and will make you get through your day. Your day will drag on if you are stressed, tense, and feeling fatigued. Keep up with your health, and you will be happier later on in life when age becomes more than a privilege.

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